Drug Diversion:
Any Criminal Act Involving a Prescription Drug.

Pharmaceutical Diversion Education (PDE) is designed to assist a wide range of the population in understanding the potential abuse and addiction that can be associated with prescription medication.

Rx Diversion in the News

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Kim New Joins PDE, Inc.

Kimberly New is a Compliance Specialist managing controlled substance surveillance, diversion detection and regulatory reporting at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. ¬†She has her BS … [Read More...]

How BIG is the problem?

Year after year, state and local law enforcement statistics indicate that pharmaceuticals are almost 30% of the overall drug problem in the United States, running a close second only marijuana abuse. However, until recently, law enforcement, health care professionals, and the general public have placed little emphasis on this huge problem.

Let PDE provide you with the most up to date information and best practices for protecting your organization.